BioEnergy Healing

The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing Therapy is a very effective and scientifically validated method of bioenergy healing

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

This method does not address the physiology of an illness itself, but uses the information of health contained in the biofield to stimulate and balance the immune system. By transmitting this information, the Domancic Method practitioner helps to restore health on all levels—energetic, emotional, and physical, without using any equipment and without referring to any religious or spiritual rituals. It is unique in its simplicity, precise, and highly structured as it uses very specific and proven treatment protocols designed to work with every health condition. The Domancic Method of bioenergy healing is very versatile and can be practiced as on-site individual private sessions, or in a group setting, or at a distance. It benefits human beings as well as animals and plants, therefore it stands to reason that the effectiveness of this therapy is not based on a placebo effect.

The Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy is based on the fact that the body heals itself with the help of the bioenergy—the life sustaining force of the Universe which is also called Prana or Chi. Adequately introduced bioenergy effectively adjusts and boosts the immune system, spreading information of optimum performance to all cells, enabling the body to heal itself. Every cell in a living organism has the picture of the healthy body and each cell holds the information of the entire system. The role of a biotherapist practicing this method is to restore the original healthy environment through repairing an unbalanced energy field. It is not the therapist who heals, but rather the body that heals itself.

PureBioenergy is not medicine, as we know it.

On the quantum level, the information of health is contained in this energy…making every illness curable…

Because of this, it can help any condition, (simple or serious) from Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, Asthma or Stroke to a simple backache, as it empowers the body’s own immune system to function at its best.

In fact, one of the method’s many fortes is to help improve health conditions that are deemed “incurable” by modern medicine in a safe and natural way. Thus, avoiding debilitating side effects, the pain of invasive procedures and in some countries the burden of extreme medical costs.

BioEnergy Therapy helps:

  • Bring balance to the biofield
  • Restores/optimize the immune system
  • Speeds up recovery from injury/surgery
  • Provides pain relief
  • Calms anxiety and reduces stress
  • Relaxes the body deeply
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Provides an energetic shift

PureBioenergy and Kids

Helping children of all ages

ADHD, asthma and autism to infantile epilepsy, PureBioenergy practiced by Parents or Practitioners can help children of all ages.

Whether practiced at home or in a clinic, children are naturally very receptive to Bioenergy healing. A child’s mind (and body) effortlessly acknowledges Bioenergy and receives the maximum benefits of PureBioenergy.

The strong belief system permeating the adult world that- modern medicine is the only way to cure an illness has not yet set itself in stone in the child’s mind. Children are lucky to not yet be jaded by skeptics or confined by ego and intellectualism. Doubt does not limit them.

Children want to feel better with a process that is gentle, painless even fun and are open to this being a possibility.

Often parents find PureBioenergy when they too want another path other than the one of “pills “for ADHD or “rods” for scoliosis or a verdict that there is nothing else that can be done.

Read how Bioenergy helps children with PANDAS/PANS.

PureBioenergy for Animals

large and small

Your animal friend is also a living Biofield and like a person is constantly communicating with his/her environment. Their wellbeing is thus constantly changing. Any energetic imbalance can manifest itself as a disease and PureBioenergy can restore the proper bioenergetic information to your pet.

Unlike most people, animals naturally acknowledge the Life force necessary for their healthy existence. They sense the need for what energy healing can do for them. They willingly participate in the therapy without any hindrance of fear or doubt. Animals have no belief system blockages and thus easily respond to bioenergy therapy.

Animals can benefit in many ways from PureBioenergy –

  • Reduce pain and discomfort from any long-term illness and condition your pet
    may suffer from.
  • Alleviate pain and stiffness (which is very common in older pets)
  • Help a pet to overcome negative emotions such as aggression, fear and anxiety
    and any other behavioral issues they may suffer from.
  • Make it easier for animals who have suffered neglect or abuse to recover from
    their trauma
  • Address any compulsive disorders a pet may be prone to such as paw chewing or
    compulsive scratching.
  • Help show or competitive animals such as dogs and horses, improve their
    physical and mental performance.
  • Reduce pain and discomfort and help alleviate any long-term illness and
    condition your pet may suffer from.
  • Improve your pet’s immune system, for better resistance to disease and illness.
  • Help any pet become happier thus more emotionally and physically stable.
  • Relax a pet to easily settle into some new home or surroundings.
  • Speed up recovery time from surgery or wounds.

PureBioenergy for Horses

Common horse ailments, chronic pain, and illnesses often deemed incurable are now able to be eased and reversed using PureBioenergy.

Colic and Digestive Issues

The use of PureBioenergy has even helped horses avoid the need for surgery in these instances. In addition, PureBioenergy is something that can be used regularly to help prevent colic and other emergency situations, and also works to ease and reverse digestive issues such as ulcers, bloating, hind gut issues, and lack of appetite.

Chronic Pain – Arthritis, Injuries

It is a heart-wrenching experience to watch your horse suffer in pain and not be able to do anything to help them. With PureBioenergy can immediately begin to help reduce, ease and often times eliminate chronic pain for their horses, as well as help improve and speed up healing time for their injuries. PureBioenergy can relieve inflammation and swelling, naturally, increase the synovial fluid to help lubricate joints, and rebuild cartilage.

Anxiety & Stress

For the stressed-out horse, PureBioenergy is a powerful solution to eliminate anxiety and tension so that your horse can relax. Often, very tense horses will completely relax and drop their heads as they begin to receive the therapy. This and other common responses from the horses indicate to us that they are instantly benefiting from receiving PureBioenergy

Behavioral Problems and Bad Habits

Whether it’s cribbing, rearing, bucking, weaving, inattention, hyperactivity, depression, fear aggression or nipping, PureBioenergy eases and restores the psyche of the horse to eliminate these habits and create long lasting behavioral changes so they reduce drastically in frequency or vanish altogether.

Strengthening Your Bond with Your Horse

Horses are sensitive to energy and when you connect with them through PureBioenergy you are essentially able to reach them on a level that they already understand.

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