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Welcome to Lehigh Valley Healing Circle. Our treatments are designed to remove pain from your body with quick, long-term results. My goal is to remove whatever it is that’s keeping you from doing your job well. My job is to help point out the cause of your pain and remove it naturally. Most importantly giving you the ability to do what you love, and to do it with ease.

I’d like to give you a better understanding of how my form of massage therapy differs from many therapies available today. I’m here to prove to you that most aches and pain don’t require surgery or medication. My approach addresses your physical pain by visually taking notice and pointing out your structural imbalances (poor posture, reasoning for your lack of range of motion, one leg shorter than the other). Besides these imbalances are due to your injuries, your repetitive actions, and the compensation patterns you’ve developed over time.

Medical massage therapy is geared to remove the waste, scar tissue, straining muscles,  and the tight muscles that are impinging on the nerves. With consistency and your help, balance is created, and the pain is removed.

Because of these imbalances, you are probably experiencing things like plantar fasciitis, chronic neck, and shoulder pain, Fibromyalgia, nerve entrapment, TMJ disorder, knee or foot pain, a weak painful grip in your hand or a host of other symptoms?

Detoxing is another important overlooked reason for muscle pain. The Infrared Sauna goes hand and hand with my medical massages. Both push waste out of the muscles, therefore giving the muscles the ability to go to their resting length. Heavy metal and other environmental toxins stored in our muscles and organs causing many sluggish effects on the human body, one of them is keeping the muscles from moving freely.


Cranial Therapy – Body Balancing – Cleansing the Body From the Inside Out 


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Infrared Sauna

Our full spectrum infrared sauna not only gives you a nice warm relaxing feel, but it also provides many health benefits. Starting with an increase in circulation which lowers blood pressure, detoxes the lymph system, and reduces inflammation, which frees the body from pain. Infrared therapy provides wound healing, fights Lyme, all at a cellular level, and so much more...

Structural Massage

This form of medical massage (also known as Structural Balancing or SET) is focused on removing the straining muscle pattern, which is causing an area of the body to experience muscle pain, nerve impingement or weakness.  By removing the structural imbalances, we’ll remove your pain long-term.

Cranial Therapy

This a very gentle Osteopathic cranial treatment, which activates the Glymphatic system which aids in detoxing the brain. Activating this system provides the circulation the brain needs to remove protein formation which occurs with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Improved circulation, removes the inflammation from post-concussion. also balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Lehigh Valley Healing Circle

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Client Testimonials

If you want a lovely relaxing massage, Carol can do that.   But what makes her so very special is her knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with a true devotion to her craft and her clients. She discovered trigger points on my body — muscles in spasm — I didn’t know I had and released them. I seriously don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t discovered Carol.   At sixty-eight, I was resigned to aches and pains, believed they were now just a part of my life.   I was wrong.   Ask me to give up chocolate and I might do it — but don’t ask me to give up Carol!


I like the positive results in settling the body and neuro tension during and after each appointment. The work given to my problem areas has been focused and very good. Looking forward to the next. Thanks, Carol!!


Carol is without a doubt the best massage therapist I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  She seems to know what I need and I always leave refreshed and relaxed.  Her pleasant personality, love of her work and attention to detail keep me coming back!


Carol’s work and personality are amazing. She possesses a keen ability to quickly diagnose and address the root of my pain. Her anatomical knowledge and treatment techniques are unparalleled, and she always makes me feel comfortable.


All I can say is thank you! I didn’t realized how much muscles spasms I had and how they were affecting me. I thought my balance was just terrible but I left my session I went to the gym to workout and I had no pain and had gotten my balance back!


I came in with a lot of pain and after only three sessions I was able to function and begin to train again. Carol is an amazing massage therapist who takes the time to explain and truly cares about your healing.


Carol was very welcoming, professional, Glad to answer any questions I had.


She is very knowledgeable. What she did and said made sense Simply, The best deep tissue therapeutic massage I have ever received.

Susan from Milford, Pa

Lehigh Valley Healing Circle

Lehigh Valley Healing Circle

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